Eureka, Montana

Eureka, MT

The city of Eureka has a rich and diverse western history. Unique characters have made both Eureka's past and present part of the great Northwest where hunting, trapping, logging and fur-trading all figure into Eureka's colorful past. A traditional "Rendezvous" and parade are still celebrated here every April. Rendezvous is Eureka's premier event which heralds the coming of spring and brings people from all parts of the state and surrounding areas. Some popular summer events also include the Amish Auction, the Rodeo and The Bull Thing.

Beautiful Eureka Montana is located just 5 minutes south of the Canadian Port of Entry at Roosville. Eureka lies approximately one hour north of Glacier International Airport in Kalispell, Montana. As you enter picturesque Eureka you will notice folks casually strolling along the sidewalks of downtown. Don't be surprised when stranger’s wave and say, "Hello." That is the Eureka way. The shops are often housed in buildings constructed at the turn of the century providing a quaint atmosphere in a growing town.

The economy in Eureka is mainly found in timber, tourism, ranching. Though there are many opportunities here for growth in many areas of industry. This is a small town in a state that is beginning to really expand. Big city folks are moving here to participate full-time in the beauty and diverse prospects found not only in Eureka but all over Montana.

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