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Choteau (pronounced SHOW- doe) is one of the oldest active towns in Montana. What keeps people here and keeps them coming? Many opportunities to camp, swim, shop, golf, hike, ski, see wildlife, fish, and hunt, of course! Like most of Montana outdoor recreation abounds in this town, just northwest of Great Falls. In addition to recreation Choteau has a rich geological history.

Egg Mountain is 12 miles to the west of Choteau and is the site that has yielded more information about dinosaur biology during the Cretaceous period than any other paleontology dig in the world. Dinosaur digs, egg shell fragments, nests, and babies were discovered there for the first time in North America. You will find out more about this through local history and exhibitions.

So who lives in Choteau? Choteau is a small, but respectable business community, low crime rates and quality schools draw a variety of people here. The population of the town is about 1,741 residents. Choteau has a small airport and is on trucking routes and Burlington Northern Railroad. Downtown shopping includes gift stores, clothing boutiques, art galleries, hardware stores and grocery and convenience/gas stations.

Choteau Montana real estate highlights properties with amazing views and plenty of room to get comfortable. Here you will find everything from ranches to residential homes. Since the town is on the Rocky Mountain front there are stunning mountain views, river properties as well as acres of open land. No matter what your needs are Choteau Montana real estate is sure to impress you.

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