Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning your home

Buying a new home is exciting for you and your whole family! Making the actual move into a new home can be a bit harrowing but with the right tips and information the transition can be a seamless one. An area that cannot be neglected is cleaning the home you are moving from. To make this job easier I have collected tips and lists to help you leave your old house spotless.

The first thing you should do when everything is moved out is walk around the house. Remove anything that you forgot and take anything you don't want to the resale store or the dump. The house and yard should now be empty.

Next, look at the walls. You probably put nails and other means for holding up art, hooks, etc. Remove all staples and nails you have stuck into the walls, ceilings, or doors. Fill the holes with hole filler (drywall or wood filler depending on which material you need to fill). For tiny holes, you can also use white toothpaste (NOT GEL). Let the filler dry. Now you will lightly sand the filled holes so that they're flush against the surface. Using warm water, a little bleach and soft cloth or sponge go through each room and remove any scuff marks on the walls, floors, or doors. If you will be painting or priming, forgo washing the walls and prime and paint instead.

When you are ready clean your kitchen. This can be done by simply adding some warm water and dish detergent to your sink. Wash the counters, if a refrigerator is left make sure it's empty and wash it inside and out. Using a vacuum hose vacuum out cabinets, drawers, the oven and stove. Sweep and mop the floor.

Now you will clean the bathroom. Thoroughly clean the sink, tub, toilet and shower. Use a cleaner make especially for cleaning the bathroom. Make sure you have removed any buildup and wiped down the fixtures. Clean the mirrors, medicine cabinet and any vents or light fixtures in the bathroom. Make sure you don't use mirror cleaner with ammonia in it. Check to make sure the light fixtures are clean and that the light bulbs work. Again, throw those glass light fixture covers in the dishwasher. Sweep and mop the bathroom floor. Be especially careful around the toilet.

Next, clean the bedrooms. Wipe down any closet shelves provided and clean any mirrors. If you have carpet, you should treat any spots and then vacuum the carpet. If you do not have carpets, you should mop. If floors are wooden, use Murphy's Oil Soap. Repeat for each bedroom.

Turn your attention to the living room, den, and dining room. Clean the windows and the wash the blinds. Clean the fireplace, if provided. Clean the blades of the ceiling fan and/or any light fixtures in the room. Spot treat any spots on the carpet. Vacuum or mop the floors.

Lastly, mow the lawn, sweep the porch and sidewalks. If there is a shed make sure it is clean and everything is put away in it. Leave your old home as you would like to find your new one. Taking pride in the fact that you have left your home better than it was.

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