Decorating the Yard

Decorating Yard

Many people think decorating the yard is the most fun. Here is where you can safely let your "wild" side come through by using colors, shapes and themes that a little brighter and more exaggerated than you would be comfortable with inside your home. Your yard should be a comfortable place for you and your family to get away from the pressures and business of the day. Following are some easy ideas for creating a yard that is a perfect expression of your fun style.

  1. Start by surrounding yourself with items you love. Whether it's placing a collection of small glass bottles filled with daffodils on a side table or hanging wind chimes from a few tree branches, your styling choices should reflect your personal taste.
  2. Use color to create a festive look. Canvas pillows, for instance, are a perfect way to brighten up an old lounge chair or a washed out wicker loveseat. Keep in mind that pillows don't necessarily have to match; have fun experimenting with different styles.
  3. Not only are citronella candles great for keeping bugs away, but they're also a cheap alternative to outdoor lighting. Drugstores carry various sizes of citronella candles in small hand-held mugs and larger buckets, which give those old yellow candles a more festive feel. When entertaining, cluster a bunch of citronella candles in the center of your picnic table to create a stylish effect.
  4. Fabric lanterns are all add a touch of fun. You can hang them from tree branches or planter hooks. Look for them in houseware and gift specialty stores.
  5. Pull out your Christmas lights, wrapping that small iridescent string of white bulbs around tree trunks and branches. This adds an element of romance and calm.
  6. Free-float in the summer breeze with a hammock, or lie back under the cool shade of a colorful umbrella, and let the weight lift from your shoulders.
  7. Use an old bookshelf and paint it white with bright butterflies or flowers for as a place to keep summer reading material.

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