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Glendive Montana is located in southeastern Montana and is considered to be an important agricultural hub in the area. Glendive is tucked between the badlands and the Yellowstone River. Large grain farms and ranches abound. Glendive's main street is one-sided with a massive railroad yard and roundhouse on the other side. Makoshika State Park borders the southern edge of Glendive. This is a very beautiful area resplendent with spectacular geological sites and the mystery of the Badlands.

The unique location and geography of Glendive make this an area that is right for the adventurous, ambitious and artistic. The beauty of the area is something that doesn't hit you in the face. Rather it seeps into your senses until it takes over, until it becomes a part of you. Many people come here for the opportunities of industry and stay because they can't imagine living anywhere else.

Choice Montana agates are plentiful here, as well as fossil remains of prehistoric creatures and Indian artifacts. Montana moss agates occur in creek bottoms, gravel beds, and along the banks of the Yellowstone River running through Glendive. The area is renowned worldwide for the quality and abundance of the plume and moss agates found on its shores. The Chamber of Commerce has a display and the names of several local agate dealers and retailers. Guided rock hound boat tours are available for those interested in finding this beautiful stone.

Glendive Montana real estate consists of residential homes in town, both traditional and unique, as well as acres upon acres of open land for ranching, farming or just enjoying. Real estate in Glendive can be bought at amazing prices and make for fabulous investments. If the American Dream is land ownership, than Glendive is the place to find it. For example land in Glendive is approximately $1,000 per acre.

National Parks Realty serves primarily the northwest corner of Montana, however if you are interested in learning more about Glendive Montana please view our main site at National Parks Realty or contact one of our agents for further information and assistance.

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