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Hamilton Montana is located in the core of the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana, near the Idaho border and approximately an hour from Missoula. Hamilton is a beautiful town that is characterized by hundreds of small farms, ranches and orchards. The climate here is more moderate than in other areas of the state, lending to comfortable seasons and providing a plethora of activities. Located between the Bitterroot Range and the Sapphire Mountains Hamilton boasts various hiking trails, lakes and streams for fishing and acres of green pastures and farms all of which add to its inherent charm.

Hamilton was first established in the late 19th century by Marcus Daly. Daly was a cooper “king” and founded the town in order to grow his business. Today Hamilton is a bustling city of almost 4,000. Ranching and farming are very much an important aspect of Hamilton life. In addition Hamilton features a number of beautiful old homes and public buildings including the Ravalli County Museum, which is housed in the Old Ravalli County Court House, and the City Hall. Here you will find older Victorian style homes and buildings as well as modern structures.

Montana as a whole is a growing state and Hamilton is right up there as one of the fastest growing cities in the west. You’ll find many great opportunities for starting a business becoming part of a growing local business and buying real estate. Whether you want a residential home or investment property Hamilton Montana real estate is at a premium. For further information regarding Hamilton area real estate, please visit National Parks Realty.

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