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Kalispell is located in an area of Montana that has a series of great towns from Glacier National Park down highway 93 all the way down to Flathead Lake. Kalispell is a great location for business, recreation and raising a family. Kalispell Montana is set in the hub of the Flathead Valley. Kalispell Montana Real Estate is a good investment and provides a great lifestyle.

While the Flathead real estate market curve may be flattening out right now it is still a gold mine of opportunity. Many people who buy homes in and around Kalispell, MT do so for two reasons, either they want a vacation property to live at for maybe 3 months of the year or they are drawn to the high quality of life that is found in this valley all year round; the latter move here to raise their families in a clean, active environment and choose to enjoy life at a slower pace.

Those who purchase vacation home in Kalispell do so because they love all the opportunities for recreation here. In the summer there is sailing on Flathead Lake, Hiking in Glacier National Park, or fishing in one of the many water bodies that abound in the area. In the fall hunting brings many sportsmen out for weeks at a time. Winter promises ample snow for cross country skiing, or dog sledding. Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big Mountain provides downhill adventure that is unforgettable.

Many of those who purchase vacation homes to use only a few months of the year find that renting these homes out the remainder of the year is a great investment. There are many business property investments in Kalispell. Consumers need everything from sports to pet stores, from health food to fitness shops. With an ever growing population flooding the valley from California, Texas and other metropolitan areas there is a need for all kinds of services that were not necessary until now.

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