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Livingston, located on the Yellowstone River in southwest Montana, is a town of approximately 7,000. Like many communities in Montana, Livingston came into existence 1882 in consequence of planning by the Northern Pacific Railway, which deemed it a good location for railroad shops to service its steam trains. In addition Livingston became the original gateway to Yellowstone National Park, which the Northern Pacific began promoting heavily to visitors from the East, by way of a branch running some sixty miles south to first the Cinnabar station and later Gardiner, as well as headquarters for the Northern Pacific’s Central Division.

Today you will find Livingston situated on the Yellowstone River where it bends from north to east toward Billings, Montana. Though a small town, Livingston is home to a number of popular tourist points including The Livingston Depot, The Yellowstone Gateway Museum, The International Fly Fishing Federation's museum. Today many films utilize the historically preserved town for movies such as “A River Runs Through It”, “Rancho Deluxe”, “Horse Whisperer” and others. Livingston is home to many artists who come here for the beauty and privacy the area offers.

The economy of Livingston is booming, the unemployment rate is well below the national and state average. There are many opportunities for working for an existing company or starting your own. Additionally some residence of Livingston commute about 1 hour to Bozeman where many more opportunities exist; giving these folks the luxury of living and playing in the beautiful Livingston area while earning a living in the larger city of Bozeman.

National Parks Realty serves primarily northwest Montana, however if you are interested in learning more about Livingston Montana Real Estate please contact one of our agent to assist you in finding an agent located in Livingston.

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