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Miles City, Montana is located at the convergence of the Tongue and Yellowstone Rivers in southeastern Montana. Miles City has been the commercial and cultural hub of southeastern Montana for over 100 years. The town of Miles City became incorporated as Miles City in 1887. The railroad had a major influence in the growth of Miles City. As a railroad hub, Miles City prospered and grew with such colorful characters as Clamity Jane, Liver Eating Johnson, and Big Nosed George either stopping by or residing here for a while.

Today Miles City is one of the most important centers of commerce in eastern Montana. Though the railroad is still a presence, ranching and agriculture are the mainstays of the economy, along with government services, both state and federal. The citizens of Miles City embrace their past while looking to the future and continue to live the frontier spirit.

The population of Miles City is around 10,000 with many of the residence living in the town or outlying farms. Folks here buy many types of real estate for many different reasons. Hunting and fishing properties, residential properties or commercial properties all have a prominent value here.

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