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Montana City is located five miles south of Helena. This town started out as a thriving gold camp located along Great Northern railroad. The lure of the discovery of gold at Last Chance Gulch was the same that attracted miners and prospectors to settle in Montana City. As hopes for fortune declined the once bustling placer mining camp dwindled. The area became desolate until interest in the area was rekindled by its geological makeup, but this time not gold but lime rock and silica drew new residents to Montana City. Montana City began to redevelop and today is a outlying suburban community of Helena.

The close proximity to Helena, Montana’s state capitol makes Montana City a prime suburb for those who work in the larger metropolis. The median house value here is approximately $180,000. As Montana grows as a whole more opportunities arise in all areas. Montana City is a great place to purchase real estate during this time. It has a large city right next door with the opportunity for quieter living outside of Helena.

The out of doors are a large draw in most of Montana’s big sky country! Montana City is no different. Plenty of lakes, mountains, forests and wilderness are nature's playgrounds here. Attractions, ranging from skate parks to carousels, let you sample the full range of offerings in Montana City and nearby Helena. Art & Culture lets you explore the areas history, and look and see it today through the eyes of artists and artisans. Plus, unique day trips to neighboring points and attractions let you extend your fun. This a perfect area for raising a family while expanding your own horizons.

Additionally this region has fairly moderate weather, which can be a consideration when relocating. The weather in Montana City is usually clear, sunny and dry, and low humidity levels make both summer and winter temperatures more comfortable. Because Montana City is on the "dry side" of the Continental Divide, there are generally more sunny days here than west of the Divide.

When all things are considered Montana City real estate is a great investment for now and the future. For more information on Montana City Real Estate visit National Parks Realty.

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