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Lyricists have written songs about it, poets have dreamed about it and cowboys have been a part of it --- Montana is truly a wonder. The saying “Big Sky Country” isn’t just an apt description it is a way of life. In Montana you will find open land, big skies and free spirits. If you’re thinking of purchasing Montana land for sale you have made a immense decision.

Montana land for sale ranges between everything from an acre or two lots to vast expanses of land encompassing thousands (yes, there are still thousands of acres of open land in Montana) of acres. Montana land for sale is a fantastic investment, great for vacations and magnificent for making a permanent home. Montana has a history as rich as the soil on the land we live.

Montana is proud of the history found within its boarders. That history includes the Native Americans that inhabited this land now called Montana for hundreds of years. Lewis and Clark crossed the Montana landscape 200 years ago. When gold was discovered in the 1860s outlaws, cattle, cowboys and railroads quickly followed. Today Montana is an industrious growing place that hosts thousands of tourists each year. The quality of life here is unparalleled by any other in the United States.

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