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While Northwest Montana has weather reminiscent of Northwest Region of the United States much of Montana is a semi-arid. Montana Land real estate needs to take into account everything you'll need for successful ranching or farming in Montana. More land is necessary where the earth is drier and water less abundant. For that reason you will find that Montana land is cheaper as you go east because the farther east you travel the more arid the area becomes and the more land you will have to buy to sustain a ranch or farm.

It is important to be aware that you would need 30-50 acres per animal of dry land as opposed to 2 acres of irrigated land to feed one animal year round, hence irrigated land, when put up for sale, is more expensive and when you have a mountain view, prices go up another notch. The mountains send the wet stuff down in creeks and groundwater, which is absolutely delicious to drink. The farms and ranches then have water rights to use the surface and ground water to keep the crops and hay growing.

Montana Land real estate keeps wild life in abundance, because that is where springs are developed that have stock water and grow feed which deer, antelope, elk and moose just love. The rivers run the deepest near the mountains, the farther from the mountains, the shallower the rivers. So when you're searching for land for sale in Montana keep these factors in mind.

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