Montana Real Estate For Sale

Montana Real Estate For Sale

Montana is the fourth largest state in the U.S. It also has one of the lowest populations (under 1 million) of any state in the U.S. Only recently has Montana seen an influx of people, many from large cities like Los Angeles and New York who are looking for a cleaner lifestyle. Up until about 10 years ago not much changed in the general landscape of Montana. Today, however, cities that were once tiny are growing to accommodate the new growth.

One of the natural effects of the increasing population of Montana is a change in the landscape of Montana real estate for sale. If you look at a map of Montana you will notice that all the major cities are in roughly the western half of the state. When looking for real estate properties in Montana you will need to take this into consideration as where you look to buy will depend greatly on what you want to buy.

If you work in an office environment or want to set up a business you will probably be looking for a home near a city or town. Montana homes for sale range from single family units and condos to large mansions that stretch over several acres. Montana is a wonderful place to raise kids. With so many outdoor recreation opportunities your family will never lack for entertainment, and good health!

If you want to ranch or are looking for Montana recreation land you best bet is to head south. Southern Montana epitomizes the slogan “Big Sky Country”. When traveling through any part of southern Montana you will be encompassed by sky as far as the eye can see, and sometimes you may get lucky enough to be accompanied by one of the Golden Eagles that make Montana their home.

The farther north you go in Montana the more likely you’ll be to run into land availability issues as much of the mountainous region is government owned and protected. Northern Montana nonetheless attracts many people due to its lush greenness, astounding Rocky Mountains, and, at the pinnacle, Glacier National Park with its pristine beauty. Fishing, hunting, skiing, and water activities are all available in northern Montana.

Bottom line? Know what you want. It is easy to find exactly what you’re looking for if you have a good idea of what that is. A real estate professional can assist you finding the best value for your Montana real estate needs. Call or log onto or 1-866-599-8160.

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