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Working with a realtor has many facets.  Yes, they will show you houses but the job of a realtor includes many steps before you ever even meet your realtor.  Montana realtors go through an education program where they learn about Montana realty laws and regulations before they become certified as a Montana Realtor.

One a daily bases a realtor will go over the Montana Real Estate Listings. These listings are comprised of all the real estate this is up for sale or rent in a particular area.  A listing the price of the property, square footage, address of the property, the MLS number, a property description including features and amenities.   Often a real estate listing will also include pictures of the property. 

It is important that a realtor stays current with the available properties on the Montana Real Estate Listings in their area so that when a prospective client calls with questions about what is available the realtor can answer these questions in a precise and knowledgeable manner.  A realtor’s goal is to assist you in finding the property you want. In order to do this they know that having the most information possible on hand will give them the greatest advantage when it comes to assisting you in your real estate search.

Once a realtor is familiar with Montana Real Estate Listings in the area they are ready to respond to inquiries from potential home buyers and seller. They should listen to your requests, gathering information as they speak to their client.  After which you will arrange a time to meet with your realtor and they will take you on a tour of the properties that would best suite your needs. 

To speak to a friendly and knowledgeable agent call National Parks Realty today.  National Parks Realty has complete listings of available properties accross northwest Montana.  Our staff is eager to assist you in any way possible.  Call today at 1-866-599-8160 or log onto to begin viewing available properties today.

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