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Montana is the fourth largest state in the nation. It is located in the Pacific Northwest and Great Plains regions of the United States. The central and western thirds of the state have numerous mountain ranges of the northern Rocky Mountains. So far you may have surmised the amazing natural diversity of Montana! Because of its mountainous ranges the state is named “Montana” derived from the Spanish word for mountain.

The state ranks fourth nationally in area, but 44th in population, and therefore has the third lowest population density in the United States. The economy is primarily based on agriculture and significant lumber and mineral extraction. Tourism is also important to the economy, with millions of visitors a year to Glacier National Park, the Battle of Little Bighorn site, and three of the five entrances to Yellowstone National Park. Montana real estate properties are only going up in value due to the fact that people from large, crowded cities are moving here and purchasing property in order to find a more moderate pace of life.

The cost of Montana real estate properties is dependent in large part on supply and demand. In the western and northwestern parts of the state there are numerous mountain ranges and heavily forested parts. Land here is in high demand due primarily to the proximity of larger cities. In fact four of the 5 “large” cities are located in the western region. These include Missoula, Helena, and Great Falls and Butte.

While the west sections of Montana have lush lands and access to modern conveniences the eastern portions have their own charm. Eastern Montana is plains country. Endless skies and land as far as the eye can see. Perhaps it is because it is the only metropolitan area in the east Billings is actually the largest city in all of Montana with a population of nearly 100,000. Cattle and sheep ranching is still a large part of the economy in eastern portions of Montana. Agriculture, with the aid of irrigation, still provides the largest share of Montana's income.

The difference in price between western and eastern Montana real estate properties is that you will get a about twice as much in eastern Montana than in western Montana for the same price. There are advantages to both the east and the west. Where you end up living depends on your priorities and budget. Montana as a whole provides clean air, good people and many opportunities for economic and personal growth.

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