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Montana's wide open space still holds promise for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand or relocate. Commercial real estate in Montana is expanding and changing all the time; now is a great time to jump into your own Montana business venture. Since commercial real estate includes any real property you will be sure to find commercial real estate for any endeavor including properties used for industrial, commercial, medical or educational purposes and properties used for residential purposes which have more than four residential dwelling units.

You will find that Montana land is varied and exciting, perfect for many types of business, limited only by your imagination. Business opportunities in Montana include restaurants, lodges, resorts, clothing/gift shops, art galleries, car dealerships, car repair, real estates, Bed and Breakfasts, theaters, bars, storage units, office complexes, filling stations, shopping centers, fitness centers and so much more!

Many folks are inspired by Montana's natural resources. Great snow lends itself to extensive winter activity, which in turn leads to the need to hospitality services and resorts. Montana isn't called the "Treasure State" for nothing! In the 1800's miners threw aside small blue "pebbles" that were clogging up their pans in their search for gold. By the turn of the century those small blue stones were identified as sapphires and today can are rarer than diamonds adding great value to the stone. Harvesting and creating art and jewelry with this stone is a lucrative industry within the state.

Logging has been a main stay in Montana's industry since the 1800's. Though the industry has slowed over the past few decades it is still a lucrative business for many in Montana. In the past the logs have been moved by train. The Burlington Northern still operates in Montana as well as Amtrax. The railroad has a rich history in the state that has fascinated historians and tourists alike. In a way the railroad built Montana, as one will find as they research the beginnings of many of the cities in the State.

As you can see the possibilities are endless and now is the time to purchase commercial real estate in Montana. To assist you in finding just the right property National Parks Realty will find the best properties and connect you with reputable and knowledgeable agents. To view available properties simply log onto and call 1-866-599-8160 for more information.

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