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Helena Montana is the town that gold built. Veins of yellow metal transformed remote Last Chance Gulch into Montana's golden capital. The "Queen City of the Rockies" lives up to its nickname. Helena's nineteenth century architecture dazzles, its gold rush history compels, and its arts and culture reflect a richly talented community. Helena's cosmopolitan lifestyle and recreational kaleidoscope speak to the spirit that is still the heart of the West.

In 1875, Helena became the capital of Montana Territory. When Montana became a state, the fight for the location of the state capital pitted 'Copper King' Marcus Daly of Anaconda against rival William A. Clark, who supported Helena. Helena won, and in October 1898, ground was broken for the State Capitol Building

Helena offers many activities and attraction to keep you satisfied year round. Helena's lakes, mountains, forests and wilderness are nature's playgrounds. Attractions, ranging from skate parks to carousels, let you sample the full range of Helena's offerings. Art & Culture attractions let you explore Helena's history, and look at the Helena of today through the eyes of artists and artisans. Plus, unique day trips to neighboring points and attractions let you extend your fun.

As of the year 2000 census, 25,780 people lived in Helena and had a median family income of $50,018. Many people in Helena make a good living. The bulk of the population of the city is doing well, with money to spend. Significantly, more adults in Helena have earned college degrees than have people in most other cities in Montana.

An estimated 57% of living spaces in Helena are occupied by their owners, not by renters. Optimists try to see the higher property taxes in the city as a sign of wealth and desirability. Helena has a stable population. The crime rate in Helena is generally lower than the national average. Families are welcome here and raising a family is a lot of fun with so many activities and fresh air to ensure your kids get a wonderful upbringing.

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