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Add these books to your home buying research. Here you will find helpful advice with will give you guidelines and answers to many of your home buying questions as well as the confidence to make a purchase you will feel comfortable with.

  • 100 questions every first-time home buyer should ask
    Taking a cue from buyers in the trenches, rather than considering only what she thinks buyers ought to read, author Illyce Glink gives this book an immediate intimate appeal for first time home buyers -- though anyone can benefit if you haven't been in the market for the past few years
  • 10 steps to home ownership: a workbook for first-time buyers
    Fitting a niche most realty book publishers overlook, this book holds your hand if you aren't quite ready for home ownership, but have lots of legal, financial and credit questions, as well as emotional concerns
  • Home buying for dummies
    Never assuming you are shopping for a home, this guide first teaches you the economics of buying a home, housing market ups and downs and affordability issues, all to look at home buying within the context of your own personal financial needs and goals
  • The common sense mortgage: how to cut the cost of home ownership by $50,000 or more
    "Common Sense" teaches mortgage basis, the lingo of lenders, the underworld of underwriting, on and off-line mortgage marketing, financing for a variety of home types and the world of escrow
  • Buying a manufactured home: how to get the most bang for your buck in today's housing market
    The one-of-its kind book tells you about the ills of the manufactured home industry, but only to teach you how to overcome them and purchase affordable housing at a time when housing costs are soaring.
  • Your new house
    The book, now it is third printing, is based on the idea that when you buy a new home you don't expect it to yield problems you'd find in a resale house. When you do, builders should back up their product with sound, fast customer service to rectify the problem.
  • Why you need to know "All About Escrow"
    Author Sandy Gadow, an escrow officer and independent escrow and closing consultant, offers the information you need to navigate the escrow gauntlet from the moment you open to the time you heave a big sigh of relief at closing

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