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Western Montana is a land of limitless possibilities. Western Montana is perhaps the only place left in the continental United States where there is abundant land and many opportunities for personal and professional development as well as regional growth. Those seeking real estate away from the rat race of major metropolitan cities, a nice place to raise a family and an area where dreams and ideas become a reality Western Montana offers it all.

Montana as a whole is not heavily populated with less than a million people in the entire state it has a lower population than every major city in the U.S. including New York City, Dallas or Los Angeles which take the state by more than 9 times as many people in their cities alone. Yes, Montana truly is “Big Sky” country. Here you’ll literally watch as eagles soar over clear waters, witness herds of buffalo grazing open country, and see a night sky filled with bright stars.

Western Montana is growing faster than its eastern counter part. Western Montana includes the university city of Missoula, and the state capitol Helena. If you drive to either of these cities you’ll notice something different than driving to any other “big” city and that is the vast open land in the miles before you reach the city limits. Western Montana real estate is ideal for anyone looking for open spaces, entrepreneur opportunities or a great place to raise a family.

Western Montana offers something for everyone. There is a great store of natural resources in the area with elk, deer, moose, antelope, buffalo, and black bear drawing observers and hunters alike. An abundance of lakes, streams and rivers make this a wonderful place of fishing. Western Montana real estate is often sought out for recreational hunting and fishing purposes.

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